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By: dangerouskings01 | April 12, 2017

This is my first blog & starting blogging career

Life is very busy now a days, We are busy too much in our work that we forget about ourselves. There was a time when we used to chill with our friends in the evening. But now these things are like history. after college many of our friends just migrate to other cities or countries for their future carrier. I am not saying they are doing it wrong but indirectly everyone isolating themselves from each other.  

Why people normally get bored?

There is one and only cause for this i can say, Isolating yourself from any activities. A recent case suggests  opioids are the real cause for getting bored. opioids are a chemical that gives us pleasure, so if anything found less will be treated as boredom. 

What to do to eliminate boredom?

There are various stuffs to do when you are feeling bored. I will discuss here 10 cool stuffs. 

Make Crafts

May be it sounds funny but yes even if you are not a kid anymore, try to make crafts like Towel Origami, or paper quelling arts. There are nothing to learn, watch youtube, you will get tons of ideas.

Play Console Games

This not for you if you felt boring by playing games. If you stay alone then you can buy a console and start playing. it will be more interesting if you play over internet as you will make some online friends too.

Join Web Forums

There are many web forums where you can register and start involving in discussions. For example if you are a painter, you can search for painter forums and  join. Also you can make friends on there which is great way to pass time

Cook Food

If you are a foodie you can cook food for yourself. I will suggest to take some break within cooking and eating food as research suggests you will loose appetite after cooking.

Go for a lonely drive

Go for a lonely drive. Try to go old places where you used to go before some years & remember those golden times.
Also you can talk with the people there 

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